About the DH Brand

Co-founders & sisters, Dakota & Haley, inspired the DH initials with the first letters of their names. They wanted to create a brand that represented their favorite parts of DC. They also wanted a brand that represented female empowerment, hence the name Heroine. The definition of a Heroine is as follows: the chief female character; a woman admired, idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, and noble qualities.

Meet Dakota

Dakota works full-time in government affairs, but in her freetime enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their two pups, running, traveling, doing yoga, and snowboarding. You will find her most of the time with a coffee in hand and a South Block PBJ bowl in the other.

Meet Haley

Haley works full-time in education research, but in her freetime enjoys spending time reading, exploring, and being creative. You will find her most of the time with headphones in listening to music or reading a good book.

Meet The Pups

Macy (left) is loyal, loving, and shy. She enjoys long hikes, cuddling with her sister, and her many toys.

Gigi (right) is stubborn, independent, and vocal. She enjoys short walks to the fridge, her tiny bed, and all bodies of water.

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